India | Cheetahs are being moved from Africa to India – the species is being revived after 70 years of extinction

At least 20 cheetahs from South Africa and Namibia will be transferred to India. The species was declared extinct in India in 1952.

Eight cheetah arrived in India on Saturday from Namibia the prime minister Narendra Modi’s in honor of his birthday. The species was declared extinct in India in 1952.

After a month of quarantine, the cheetahs will be transferred to the Kuno National Park in central India. It is the first time in history that a large beast is moved from one continent to another and brought back to the wild. The issue was reported by, among others, the British Broadcasting Company BBC and The Times of India.

At least 20 cheetahs are being sent to India from South Africa and Namibia, home to a third of the world’s 7,000 cheetahs. The first herd of eight has five females and three males, whose age range is about 2–6 years.

Kuno is a 289-square-kilometer nature reserve, home to prey animals characteristic of cheetahs, such as antelopes. For each cheetah, a separate group of volunteers has been selected, which studies their movements with the help of GPS collars.

Cheetah disappeared from India due to hunting, habitat destruction and lack of food. India has been trying to revive the cheetah population since the 50s. The last transfer attempt was made in the 70s with Iran, but it failed when the Shah was overthrown in the revolution.

According to supporters of the revitalization project, cheetahs improve the country’s economy and help restore the ecosystems that support felines. Those who have criticized the project have said that moving and releasing the cheetahs into the park could lead to damage, for example because the Leopards living in Kuno can kill the cheetah cubs.

According to the authorities, the living conditions have been carefully studied to avoid conflict between humans and animals and to protect the prey.

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