India An accidentally deceased man was found alive in a mortuary freezer in India, eventually dying a few days later

On Wednesday, the man’s relatives confirmed that he had eventually died from the injuries he sustained in the accident.

Indian the man was accidentally pronounced dead following a car accident in Moradabad near Delhi, according to AFP news agency.

Srikesh Kumar had been taken to the freezer in the hospital ‘s corpse after being pronounced dead, where he was found alive last Friday. On Wednesday, Kumari’s relatives confirmed that the man had died from injuries sustained in the accident. This time really.

Kumari’s brother tells AFP he was cremated late Wednesday night.

Hard a speeding motorcycle collided with 45-year-old Kumari last week, causing him serious injuries. Kumar was taken to a hospital in Moradabad where he was declared dead by doctors.

Friday’s discovery of a mortuary in the morgue launched an investigation at the hospital, which concluded the Moradabad district doctor said Kumar had been in a state of false death.

“It looks like this wasn’t due to the negligence of the doctors, but we’re continuing our investigations,” the district doctor told AFP

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