India A lion died of a coronavirus at a zoo in India, 28 asymptomatic elephants tested as a precaution

In addition to the dead female lion, corona infection has been found in eight other zoos in the zoo.

Of the Indians authorities say 28 elephants have been tested for coronavirus in India in Mudumalai National Park in southern Tamil Nadu state after a rare Asian lion was reported dead as a result of a coronavirus infection. The news agency AFP reports this.

The New Indian Express newspaper according to a nine-year-old female lion died of a coronavirus disease at a zoo in Chennai City in early June. This is probably the first death of an animal caused by a coronavirus in India.

According to the newspaper, in addition to one dead, coronavirus infection has been diagnosed in eight zoo lions, two of which are now in a critical situation.

Veterinarians and national park workers on Tuesday took a coronavirus test on an elephant in the state of Tamil Nadu in India.

AFP: n according to 28 elephants were tested for coronavirus on Tuesday. Two of the elephants are chicks.

“When a positive corona test was taken from the zoo lions, we were asked to test the elephants in the area as a precaution,” the national park guard told AFP.

The caretakers lifted the elephants to suffer and took a sample of their nostrils. For elephants, the sample was taken with a cotton swab from the anus.

Test results are expected within a week.

“The animals had no symptoms. It’s just a precaution, ”the national park guard said.

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