Independence Day The castle’s four costumes on display: Kaija Koo, Elastinen, Kai Hyttinen and Nina Tapio present their outfits and tell the Finnish moment of the year

During Independence Day, HS asked readers what a Finnish moment shocked them. The artists of the Presidential Palace also answered the same question.

What has been the most shocking Finnish moment of the year? HS asked artists at the Presidential Palace on Independence Day.

The same question was answered during the Independence Day by HS readers: among others, Blind Channel’s Eurovision success, the efforts of coroners and Mira Potkonen Olympic medal in boxing.

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The celebration broadcast sent by Yle from the Presidential Palace saw the President of the Republic Sauli Niinistö and ma’am Jenni Haukion in addition to performances From Nina Tapapi and I guess from Hyttinen, Kaija Koolta and Elastic.

HS asked them to present their outfits and tell them what Finnish event was beating them this year.

Kaija Koo: An audience waiting for a gig for a year and a half

Kaija Koo represented Mert Otsamo in a suit.

Outfit: I live in a designer Because Otsamo, which is designed by To Kaija Kokkola that is, several costumes for Kaija Koo.

“This came by taxi today,” Kokkola says.

The costume included suggestions from both Kokkola and Otsamo. Kokkola described the sleeves of the outfit created by Otsamo as “ingenious”.

A pulsating Finnish moment: During the epidemic, a Kaija Koo gig was canceled a total of three times and was finally postponed for a year and a half before the artist got to perform.

“The same people waited a year and a half for it, there were only a few tickets returned,” Kokkola says. “It shows how much people want music and the healing power of music.”

According to Kokkola, this finally convinced him of the importance of the cultural sector.

“Then when this performance came, people went crazy, and so did I. After all, we cried both sides, and it was a wonderful experience. ”

Elastic: Finland-Denmark match at the European Football Championship

The design of Elastic, or Kimmo Laiho, was designed by Teemu Muurimäki.

Outfit: Elastic or Kimmo Laiho appeared in the Castle Teemu Muurimäki in a custom suit designed for the occasion.

“When I was here as a guest, my costume was appreciated, it put pressure on me.”

A pulsating Finnish moment: Elastic names two moments, small and big. In history, he recalls the castle celebrations seven years ago, where he met a novice startup entrepreneur. Miki Kuusen, led by Wolt, was sold this year to U.S. Doordash for a billion deals.

“But yes, you really have to say the same thing as the President of the Republic,” Elastinen says. In Yle’s TV broadcast, President Niinistö referred to the Finland-Denmark match at the European Football Championship. Finland won the match between the Danish player Christian Eriksen shortened to the surface of the field.

“Life and death are happening in the sports framework, and Finland is still winning. It was perhaps the most mind-boggling and memorable sports experience I have ever had. ”

Kai Hyttinen: Meeting relatives in the middle of a corona

Kai Hyttinen represented in vintage clothing.

Outfit: The mosquito was dressed in vintage. The jacket was, according to him, the legacy of the band Kivikasvot.

“The pants are from the Imatra Theater when I performed Olavi Virta. This outfit is a hybrid. ”

A pulsating Finnish moment: “I can’t name anything big, but when you look at it, the grandchildren are talking, it’s a Finnish moment when you can have fun with them on the beach during the summer,” says Hyttinen.

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It has been shocking for him to have been able to deal with a family in the midst of a corona pandemic.

“Those are those great moments.”

Nina Tapio: Return to gigs and meeting the audience

Nina Tapio’s outfit was designed by Teemu Muurimäki.

Outfit: Nina Tapio performed in an outfit designed by Teemu Muurimäki for the occasion, which was sewn Sari Hörkkö. Tapio and Elastinen had the same designer clothes. As jewelry, he wore domestic gems, Luumäki beryls.

Nina Tapio’s jewelery was decorated with Finnish beryls from Luumäki.

A pulsating Finnish moment: ”The moment you reached the general public after a long break is undeniably memorable. The enthusiasm flowed from the audience that the Lord God, this is what we have longed for. And while I’m still lucky enough to get to perform. Of course, on behalf of all my colleagues, I also hope that we can continue to work. ”

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