Independence Day President Niinistö on the new Independence Day program: “Let’s look at Finland in the eyes” – Television broadcast from the Presidential Palace, “glimpses” from all over the country

Traditional Castle festivities will not be held this year.

Republic Today, the President’s Office will provide more detailed information on how Finland is celebrating Independence Day with exceptional expenses. The President of the Republic will open a press conference on the subject Sauli Niinistö. HS showed Niinistö’s short speech live.

In his speech, Niinistö did not yet open the program of the celebration in more detail, but said he believed that the celebration would see “impressive contributions”.

“Actually, it may be that in these exceptional circumstances, we can convey an atmosphere here at the Castle party that I would describe looking at Finland in the eyes,” said President Niinistö.

“We will see glimpses from all over Finland, a little from the world.”

The program promises atmospheres from all over Finland and the actual part of the program will be sent from the Presidential Palace.

Traditional Independence Day Castle celebrations will not be held this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. Office of the President of the Republic told of the decision in September.

Instead of an invitational event at the Presidential Palace, Finns are invited to “celebrate Independence Day through the boxes”.

“We celebrated Finland and our independence together with all Finns through a new kind of program,” Niinistö said in a press release in September.

Even at that time, it was not clear what kind of program would replace the party reception. More on the plans today. After President Niinistö’s public contribution, a press conference for media representatives will begin.

A new kind the program is shown live on Yle. The program was previously reported to contain at least Finnish performing arts and compilations from previous Castle festivals.

“In addition to the Presidential Palace, the broadcast will visit different parts of Finland and monitor how Finns celebrate Independence Day in different ways. Viewers have the opportunity to send their own greetings for the evening’s broadcast, ”the press release said.

The Office of the President of the Republic was further informed that it is possible that Niinistö and Mrs. Jenni Haukio meet individual guests at the Presidential Palace.

The Castle Festival has been celebrated as an evening festival since the 1920s, but the cancellation of the Presidential Palace reception is not unique. For example, in 2013, a celebration was held at Tampere House due to the renovation of the castle.

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Also the traditional Independence Day parade of the Defense Forces has been canceled due to a coronavirus pandemic. The celebration was to be held in Pori.

Instead of a nationwide parade, the Defense Forces said they would celebrate Independence Day in a way allowed by the epidemic situation, the implementation and program of which the Defense Forces will tell us closer to the holiday.


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