Incredible: goalkeeper gives them to Lionel Messi and blows up the nets, video



Soccer of Peru.

Peru soccer.

It happened in a Peru Cup match. What did you do Ricardo Gonzalez?

It is not unusual that in world football incredible plays are presented. That happens every day. Archer bugs are a daily occurrence, but this one is amazing.

The Peru Cup had a protagonist who won the prize for the most ridiculous goal, in the game between Sporty Verdococha and the Athletic Bruces.

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This last team won the game, 0-1, three points that were good for the standings, but their goalkeeper gave them a crack and muddied it.

of not believing

It was minute 100, the judge had given 10 minutes to spare, the victory was almost ready, in his pocket, but Ricardo Gonzalez was the protagonist of the tie.

Francis Ortiz, from midfield, kicked the ball in a desperate move to make it 1-1. González received the ball, there were no rivals in his area, he stopped chest, he gave it to them Leo Messibut the ball went away.

The goalkeeper could not control the round, it went over him and although he made an effort to prevent the goal, he could do nothing.

The fans went crazy and took her against González. In this video the terrible moment was recorded and even the narrator undertook it against the goalkeeper.

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