In Venezuela, only two operating rooms work for each public hospital


Hospitals in Venezuela

Some do not have water service, which has forced them to close almost all bathrooms.


Andreina Itriago

Some do not have water service, which has forced them to close almost all bathrooms.

Patients are placed on a waiting list to be admitted for surgery.

In Venezuela there are 40 public hospitals that at their best were the vanguard in the region, today, the precarious conditions are aggravated according to the latest National Hospital Survey (ENH)carried out by the independent team of Doctors for Health.

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(Also read: False gynecologist placed ‘Colombian sticks’ as contraceptives)This report monitored the operability of operating rooms in the country, reporting that on average only two operating rooms work per health center.

In 2019, this figure stood at four operating rooms per hospital. For this 2022, a shortage of inputs of 70 percent is added.

The small number of operating rooms available means that there is no capacity to perform surgery on all the patients who require it, meaning that in most hospitals only emergencies enter the operating room and the rest of the patients go on a waiting list, highlights the report.

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When a patient enters the waiting list, they can spend months or years waiting for an operation, so sometimes they die or treatments are delayed, as in the case of cancer patients.

The 40 hospitals are designed for 18,300 beds, however, according to the survey report, only 38 are operational. Between 2020 and 2021 the number of beds was 35.


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