Immigration This is how the Center Pillar explains its statement on “parasitic surfers living”: says he referred to asylum seekers

“Many of the asylum seekers did not receive it and turned out to be lucky instead of a real emergency,” said Annika Saarikko, chairman of the center.

Downtown recent chairman of the parliamentary group Juha Pylväs tells HS that it referred to asylum seekers as “subsistence surfers on social security”.

Pylväs used the expression in his speech at the summer meeting of the downtown parliamentary group in Seinäjoki on Wednesday.

“Yes, we also need experts from abroad who can make a living from their own work in Finland. On the other hand, we do not need living surfers who live with social security, ”Pylväs said in his speech.

The column continued, stating that the most important thing would be to get jobs for the unemployed Finns.

What The column meant by its expression?

“That term means when it comes to our society seeking a better standard of living without even the intention of doing any work in that society,” Pylväs says.

According to the column, his statement coincides with the chairman of the center Annika Saarikon with speeches, as he also mentioned the need for foreign labor.

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The column believes that in the general debate, immigrants are put too much in one bundle.

“After all, we know what kind of people come here. They are really in need. Asylum seeker system, after all, is a paperless system. We don’t know at all who will come from there, on what basis they will come, on what motive they will come from. They just come here, ”says Pylväs.

According to Pylvä, those who come to Finland in search of work have the will and desire to become part of society and build it.

In other words, do you think that such rhetoric that some foreigners are parasites does not affect what Finland looks like to those who come to Finland in search of work?

“No. They are different things. ”

So you were referring to asylum seekers with this?

“Yes Yes.”

The column the speech aroused resentment in part of the downtown population on Wednesday. For example, the president of downtown youth Hanna Markkanen commented on Twitter.

“I don’t understand why such a term had to be inserted into the speech,” Markkanen wrote.

Congressman Hanna Kosonen (center) did not refer to the Pillar in his message, but wrote on Wednesday day that he had joined the center because of the values ​​of humanity, equality, and progress.

Previously “Finnish parasites, the second vice-chairman of the party, have spoken about“ parasitic living surfers ” Mauri Peltokangas.

Peltokangas has received incitement against a group of people. According to Iltalehti the indictment has been brought from two writings, one of which mentions: “I want those who have received a negative decision and other parasitic living surfers to go to hell from this country.”

Downtown Chairman Saarikko commented on the matter to HS, stating that the group leader is responsible for his own words. Instead, he wanted to describe the party’s line on the issue.

“In a corner where the center would look at the needy of the world only with reason and not with heart, I refuse to push the party.”

According to Saarikko, the center, as a party, has a positive attitude towards development cooperation and quota refugees, at least compared to the asylum system. According to him, the events of 2015 showed that the system is not working.

“Because so many asylum seekers didn’t get it and turned out to be lucky instead of a real emergency,” Saarikko said.

“The system needs to be critical and improved, but we in the center always remember that human dignity is indivisible.”

Saarikko himself said in his speech that he would look for solutions to the labor shortage among immigrants, among others.

“Without a pool of experts from elsewhere, this country will wither,” Saarikko said.



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