Immigration HS collects the experiences of foreigners who have moved to Finland when looking for a job: answers the survey

In addition to experiences, the survey seeks interviewees to tell foreigners about their job search in Finland. The text and the questionnaire can also be found in English.

Democracy, Finland thanks to good education, high level of happiness and nature is the dream land of many foreigners.

However, after moving to Finland, you may notice that your job search may be very different than in your own country. The job opportunities offered may be found on different platforms or outside the Internet, the selection criteria may be a master’s degree and proficiency in the Finnish language is often a mandatory requirement.

Helsingin Sanomat collects immigrants’ experiences of job search in Finland. Have you found a job? How long did the process take? What helped you find a job? What did you find difficult or what prevented you from getting the job? How does job search differ from job search in your home country?

In the survey, tell us your name and contact information if your comments can be used in the story.

We will not publish your name, but HS’s premise is that the identities of the commenters must be known to the editor. Delivery does not pass on personal information.

With its democratic culture, good education system, high level of happiness and closeness to nature, Finland is a dream country for many foreigners.

After moving to Finland, however, immigrants may well notice how much the jobseeking process here differs from that of their home country. For example, work opportunities might be found from different platforms or offline, a Master’s degree might be required, and proficiency in Finnish is often mandatory.

Helsingin Sanomat wants to hear from immigrants to Finland about their jobseeking experiences. Have you found work in Finland? If so, how long did it take? What helped you in applying for jobs here? What did you find difficult, or what kept you from getting a job you applied for? How does the application process differ compared to your home country?

If you want your comment to be considered for use in the article, please include your name and contact information in the questionnaire.

We will not publish your name, but it is the policy of Helsingin Sanomat that the identity of the commentators must be known in the editorial office. We do not share personal data with third parties.



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