Immigration Government wants to speed up immigration of experts and startup entrepreneurs – bill for opinion round

It is estimated that the so-called national D visa could speed up the entry process for specialists and startup entrepreneurs by about a week.

State Department has submitted a proposal for a so-called national D visa for consultation. The change in the law is intended to speed up and streamline the entry process of specialists and startup entrepreneurs and thus increase the efficiency of work-related immigration.

According to the proposal, the Finnish Immigration Service could issue a national D visa to certain specialists and startup entrepreneurs and their family members who have been granted a residence permit.

In that case, they would not have to wait for the residence permit card to be completed and delivered abroad. The proposal estimates that the entry of these groups could accelerate by more than a week if the proposal materializes.

The national D visa is based on the Schengen Convention. It may reside in the territory of the issuing State for a maximum period of one year. The visa also entitles the holder to stay in the Schengen area for a maximum of three months in any six-month period.

The goal is for the government’s proposal to be submitted during the spring and for the law to come into force in the fall of 2021.

Work-related The slowness of immigration-related processes has been considered a problem in Finland, the solution of which could facilitate the recruitment of experts to Finnish companies and the attraction of growth entrepreneurs.

According to the bill, the average processing time for residence permit applications submitted by specialists abroad is currently 21 days and the average processing time for residence permit applications submitted abroad by growth entrepreneurs is 70 days.

The national D visa is part of a larger multi-ministerial package with which the government seeks to streamline the entry process for these groups.

Last autumn’s budget debate outlined the creation of a fast-track work permit route for specialists and startups and their families as early as 2021.

This is the part Sanna Marinin (sd) a government program that includes the goal of increasing skilled labor migration.


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