Iker Casillas breaks his silence: denies alleged affair with Shakira


Iker Casillas and Shakira

To the Spaniard, far from the sports scenarios, the entertainment press ‘puts him to play’.

The separation of Shakira and Gerard Pique It has been a kind of hurricane that is fed with new forces every day according to the information published by the entertainment press.

Although more than three months have passed since the soccer player and the singer announced their separation, every day the “paparazzi” approach new approaches and involve new people.

In the midst of the attention Piqué’s new partner, Clara Chía Martí, has received, some media have dared to launch unsubstantiated assertions of Shakira’s alleged relationships.

In that wave of rumours, Iker Casillas, exporter from Spain, one of those affected. In his style, the former goalkeeper met the issue. And it was accurate.

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(You can read: Shakira breaks her silence due to the separation from Piqué: “It’s the darkest stage”).

Casillas breaks his silence

Iker Casillas

Íker Casillas suffered a heart attack this Wednesday in Porto training. He was transferred to a clinic.

Some Spanish media assured, without further evidence, that eBetween Casillas and Shakira an alleged romance would be emerging.

“They are single, everything checks out. The goalkeeper’s request to the Colombian singer comes just now that he does not have a partner, when he has known her forever, “one of the most famous entertainment programs in Spain would have said.

The impact of that assertion was such that Casillas had to go out on social networks to clarify the situation.

In your message, a resounding ‘NO’ launched critically against the irresponsibility of some media.

“Iker Casillas follows Shakira on Instagram. – That’s why they’re together! – Are we making up the news? – There are no eggs! – Grab the bucket! “, Posted the former soccer player in one of his stories on his Instagram.

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