Ice Hockey World Championships | The much-vaunted Miro Heiskanen raised his level to the top of the World Cup semi-final: “I don’t want to play two games in a row”

Heiskanen will gain new experience when he reaches the first World Cup final of his career.


Lions the coaching leadership did not give any lesser feedback to the defender To Miro Heiskanen After the semi-finals of the World Hockey Championship against Slovakia.

Did not need. Heiskanen himself knew that it did not go exactly as it should.

Two days later, in the semifinals against the United States, everything changed.

Heiskanen became the best player on the pitch, making a handsome and important draw to 1-1 and scoring two more goals.

“I don’t want to play two games in a row,” Heiskanen said after confirming the World Cup final.

Heiskanen joined the World Cup in the middle of the tournament. He was caught in the playoffs in Dallas when the team played against Calgary. The series stretched to seven matches.

Heiskanen missed the first four World Cup matches, but the Fifth was a complete button show.

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“It felt good. The skate moved well and I got a lot of places built. I was able to defend well. I am quite satisfied, but as has been said, I hope that tomorrow’s final will be able to improve. ”

“There’s still room for it, for sure.”

A sharp statement from Heiskanen that there is still room for improvement, but he knows himself and his level.

Profit From the United States, Heiskanen was confirmed that it was worth leaving, even though the trip to Tampere via Calgary, Dallas and Espoo was long.

The best of Heiska came on offer in his handicap. The surprisingly fast lead taken by the US lasted 15 minutes in the first set.

“It was a long exchange with friends and I saw that I was facing tired guys. There was space in the middle and I was able to wander into it and pull on the knuckle. Good mask [Juho] From the pond. ”

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“Yes, the World Cup semi-final will ignite.”

Heiskanen played his third match at this year’s World Cup when playing time exceeded 21 minutes. That’s a huge amount when the team uses eight defenders.

In Dallas and the NHL in general, six defenders are played in every match, with Heiskanen playing for about 25 minutes in the match.

Against the USA, Heiskanen defended his standard work, but there was a clear threat at the head of the offensive. The situation accumulated as a defender almost did not matter.

“When I see that it’s a good place to get up, I get up. Otherwise, you shouldn’t go out. I played the same way I used to play. No special instructions. ”

U.S. lost 3-4 but got their own strong episodes. The last six minutes of the second installment were continuous guest pressure.

In general, Heiskanen looks like he’s not tired at all. That’s not how it goes.

“If you have to play a lot in your own and heavy minutes, then it’s really heavy. If you can play more with the puck, it’s easier. ”

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“We also had a few longer spins on our own but they withstood it well. Sometimes they will have to defend for longer. ”

Heiskanen played with Dallas in the Stanley Cup finals in the fall of the first corona year in 2020. A new experience is coming on Sunday as the World Cup finals are decided here and now. Once across.

“I have been less excited about the games but will be seen tomorrow [sunnuntaina]. I don’t think it’s terribly exciting. In the same way, I’m leaving the game as usual. ”

The final of the World Cup will be played on Sunday at 8.20 pm. MTV3 and Cmore show the game live.

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