Ice Hockey World Championships | The golden hunt for lions is thrilled in home studios, is your race stand special? Contact us and send the picture to HS

We are also looking for the World Cup final race stand, where our journalists and photographers could come to visit.

Due to the corona restrictions, the Sports Bars will close before the World Hockey Finals, so the competition spectators have now had to tune into homes, cottages or maybe a mobile phone around the park.

Where do you watch the culmination of the World Cup? Send pictures and videos of the atmosphere of your race stand to HS!

We will compile a story from the pictures later. Pictures can also be sent to the World Cup finals from previous games.

Before submitting the image, please make sure that all persons appearing in the image have given permission for the image to be published in Helsingin Sanomat.

We are also looking for an atmospheric race stand in Helsinki, where our journalists and photographers could come to visit. If you would like to invite HS to the venue, please contact us by email:



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