Ice Hockey World Championships | Plans for Finland’s victory ready: “Scoop and knock-swimming”

The World Cup winners will get the puck fans moving.

Finland is fighting for the World Cup today, but because of the corona, the traditional big race stands are not seen. However, this does not prevent the people from celebrating and encouraging Finland to win.

Various race stands have been tuned all over Finland, and in Kivinoka, Helsinki, for example, a three-person booth has crammed into a nine-square-meter allotment garden cottage to watch Finland’s game via a video cannon.

Anna Kähkönen and Ulla Tyyskä have reservations about Finland’s chances of winning.

“Yes, it is a bit scary that Finland will lose,” says Kähkönen.

However, he believes the game will be tight.

“I bet there will be a penalty shootout,” he says.

Tyyskä and Kähkönen’s favorite players include Olli Määttä and Jussi Olkinuora.

They are not leaving for the market, but the plans for the evening are ready.

“Let’s drink scum.”

“And let’s go for a swim swim,” the cottage shouts.

Also The skate park under the threat of demolition in Suvilahti has an unofficial race stand with dozens of people – and one Canadian.

“We want Finland to win and Suvilahti to be saved,” he says Arskaksi a person presenting himself.

Arska says he hates hockey, but it’s still important to him. Next to him Kiiskilä he is not a puck man either.

“I hate hockey. It’s too cold a species for me, ”he says.

On the spot Onni Saltevo for his part, he says that he has followed the Finnish games, with the exception of a few early series matches.

“If Finland wins, we will go to the market. You also have to swim. If Canada wins, I’ll go to the cabin and take a cold shower. ”



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