Ice Hockey World Championships | One thing was missing in the Lions ’game against the beloved Tre Kronor, and it should be fixed

There are almost a week left in the World Cup tournament, and now Sweden is already holding on to the group win with a firm grip.


His face The renewed Swedish puck national team silenced the Nokia arena in Tampere. Emil Bemström the hit shot in the winning goal race was enough for a 3–2 win.

No one else managed to get the puck into the cage.

The winning shot race is always a small puck lottery, where at least the Finns ran out on their way to the goalkeeper. Magnus Hellberg.

Still in the Beijing Olympics, Tre Kronor lost to the Lions in the first round, but there are still rips left of that team. Only eight players qualified from Beijing to Tampere.

Sweden then switched to the Olympics, but not so much that the lions would have had trouble, on the contrary.

Head coach Jukka Jalonen trusted 17 Olympic winners and spiced up his team with a few available NHL players.

Defender Adam Larssonin the opening goal made by the old-fashioned confused the game of the Lions. It was the weakest exchange in Finland’s famous quadrant field in a few years.

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Mikko Lehtonen leveling and Sami Vatasen The lead made by the team raised hopes of victory, which Joel Kellman drowned with 2 to 2 goals.

One thing about the Lions game was missing. Efficiency. In everything else, the team was either alongside or ahead of Tre Kronor.

There is still too much friction in the lions’ machinery. Which one Joel Armia disappears every time he comes on the ice. With more than 400 NHL match routines, it shouldn’t be so easy to float out of the game. He would have to break into the front row from one switch to another.

It can be difficult for the Army to internalize the Lions game system. Now he looks like he’s gone to play but doesn’t know what to play.

In defense the carousel begins to spin when Miro Heiskanen and Esa Lindell related. Someone in four Juuso Hietanen, Ville Pokka, Niklas Friman, Mikael Seppälä becomes a circulating auditorium.

There will be changes in superiority, even though it has worked in itself. Heiskanen is such a quality player that he cannot be planted on a bench when the force of rotation is spinning. Lindell takes on an equally big responsibility by underpowering, even though Heiskanen knows half of it.

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World Cup there is almost a week to complete the first series, but now the first places in the block have already been distributed. Sweden will take it in Tampere, unless there is melt in the Nokia arena.

Helsinki is playing at the pace of Canada, and there is a chair game in the Finnish block in Tampere who will avoid Canada in the quarterfinals.

The Lions only play for the championship, but the team would rather head towards the final match on the route where Canada will meet as late as possible.

Not many people want Russia in the World Cup in Finland, but the fact cannot be escaped that the starting blocks swing into imbalance when France took Russia’s place in the Stad ice rink.

The absence of Belarus does not matter in the slightest. Austria has been downright charming.

In the Nokia Arena in Tampere, the sequels will be spun in full turn, when hardly anyone in the quartet Finland, Sweden, the USA or the Czech Republic will want to throw themselves into the arms of the Canadians.

The NHL cards in the puck world are shuffled again every spring. During the Paris and Cologne Games 2017, the Finnish coaches were amazed at how the head coach of the Swedish national team Rikard Grönborg managed to build a highway-wide bus between the World Cup and the NHL.

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At the same time, no calls were received from the Lion to work toward North America.

Asphalt has now melted off Tre Kronor’s four-lane highway, and the NHL card is no longer a trump card.

In Sweden, there has been more talk of refusals than of those involved.

In Paris and Cologne, Sweden had as many as 19 NHL players in it, and the results tell the rest: World Cup gold.

Tre Kronor received nine NHL aids for Tampere by the start of the Finland match and there is a long line of questions behind the success.

The Lions do not qualify for any NHL aid, but the Finnish game is based even more on the team than Sweden does today. It’s even good that second-level NHL players aren’t crammed into by too many crowds, old and working plans could fly into the trash.

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