Ice Hockey World Championships | Jukka Jalonen did not mourn the final decision of the World Cup final, nor the actions of the judges: “It is useless to whine about anything”

Head coach Jukka Jalonen considered his team’s tournament a success and reminded that Leijon had a chance to decide the victory in the regular time.

Finland head coach Jukka Jalonen was proud of his team despite a bitter hockey World Cup final loss.

Finland’s line-up was again more anonymous than its main opponents, but the close game of fives and defenses once again took the Lions almost to the end.

“If you get to play for a gold medal and give yourself a seam to win in the final, you have to be pretty happy to make a team. There are no losses in ten games in the actual playing time, ”Jalonen told the Finnish media after the match.

“Great performance from the team, I’m very proud of the boys and the whole team.”

Finland clearly dominated the Riga final against Canada in equal weeks, but the opponent ruthlessly vaccinated against special situations.

Eventually Canada decided the victory in the playoffs with 3–2 goals and offset their final loss to Finland two years ago.

The World Championship was now settled for the first time in a three-on-three overtime, leaving the character of the game completely different from playing in even-fifths.

However, Jalonen did not want to take a stand on the way of overtime.

“We had three or three in control. That’s why it’s (reform) probably done that five in five could go all day. And now you probably don’t want to shoot stubborn ones. This is how we go, we just have to accept it and we have to adapt to it, ”Jalonen emphasized.

“We could have done this with 2-1 in the actual, so we wouldn’t have had to go to overtime.”

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One the talk of the tournament was an extremely flimsy line of judges that Jalonen wondered during the Games.

In Sunday’s final, Finland reached the top several times, but in the extra time the judges did not give any penalties.

“It’s pointless to whine about anything, but I was noticing in the sequel to that Hannes From Björn pulled with a little transverse racket at an angle to my back, but maybe I looked it wrong then. They are human people, even those judges. They nod a little because they have to whistle and because they don’t, ”Jalonen snorted.

“One could have assumed that the same rules would continue in the overtime as in the actual playing time, but little then they changed.”

Jalonen was leading the A national team now in his third World Cup final, and the final loss was his first career break.

Jalonen’s curriculum vitae also includes the World Cup gold at the 2016 home games for under-20s.



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