Ice Hockey World Championships | “I can die happy” – Latvian supporters danced, cried, smoked cigars and yelled at the police

When Latvia won the bronze, a joyful and emotional celebration began in Tampere.


Best parties are the last to leave. In front of the Nokia Arena, after the end of the game, you could see what was expected of the teams on the day of the finals: the audience dressed in Finnish and Swedish shirts left peacefully towards the center, while the full celebrations were still going on in the Arena. Latvia celebrated its bronze medals brought by the overtime victory.

Gradually, in an increasing amount, shouts of “Latvija!”, then the drum beat, people hugging each other and even security guards.

Tatjana Gabuzova hugged the marshal when leaving the Nokia Arena.

The 1995 final Antero Mertaranta in the famous commentary, it was told how “there is already a waltz in the stands”. After Latvia’s victory, a waltz was set on Kalevantie on Sori bridge, when Aiga Turku gets excited to dance with a Latvian man she didn’t know before.

A group quickly gathered near the entrances of the arena, which kept the commotion going even outside the hall. Ervin Ervinsmans a thick cigar burns in the mouth. Sunday was the moment of celebration that has been waiting for.

“This is amazing,” Ervinsmans is told.

After that, there is a search in the words. The apologies that the moment is so emotional come next.

“I have followed hockey for 23 years. Arturs Irbe said after the game that he has been waiting for this moment for 40 years. I have the same feeling.”

Latvia was this year’s second race host, but few expected that their races would continue on the Finnish side. Previous best achievements were just quarter-final places. But it just so happened that Latvia was the one of the two hosts to get to the medal stand in these games.

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The semifinals were still played on Thursday in Latvia. Latvia beat Sweden in them. After the evening match, we had to act quickly in order to make it to Finland in the first place.

Marta and Rolands, who walked towards the fan area, say that they came to Finland by ferry. It took them 11 hours to fold after Thursday’s match, and the bronze was a tasty reward.

“I’m crying! Now I can die happy,” says Marta.

Marta, who traveled 11 hours to Tampere, rejoiced after the match.

A police car is on duty next to it, and they are also watching the celebrations on the Sori bridge. The authorities don’t mind happy celebrations, where you shake hands with those who meet you and shout encouragement to your own country.

A few Latvians also visit the police. In Tampere, you could say in Morjesta.

To the fan zone pours out after the match a group of Latvians. It’s going there too Ritvars with his son. The boy has a treasure in his hands that will take pride of place at home: from a team player From Renars Krastenbergs received racket.

This souvenir has been the country’s puck history rewritten.

Ritvars and belonged to the same party Ivars praise how the team plays with heart.

“This is a new legendary game in Latvian hockey history. A historic match!” men declare.

The celebrations in Tampere have started, and the continuation will surely stretch all the way to Riga.

Ritvars posed together with his son, who received a bat from the player.

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