Ice Hockey World Championships | Curt Lindström arrived in Finland once again – sighed touching words to Kalervo Kummola

Curt Lindström, the legendary gold coach of the Lions, arrived in Finland – perhaps for the last time.


on the day of the World Cup final on Sunday, the ennoblement ceremony of the International Hockey Federation was organized in Tampere. Named to the gallery of honor Kalervo Kummola. He had also arrived to watch his good friend’s achievement Curt Lindstrom82.

“I love being here. There are so many memories of Finland,” Lindström told Sanom.

This may be the last time the legendary golden coach of 1995 visits Finland.

Lindström suffers from a rare nerve disease, polyneuropathy, which slowly takes away the ability to exercise.

In Tampere, walking “Curre” looked difficult. He moved slowly with a walking stick.

“I have trouble walking because one of my legs is out of action. It makes my life a little difficult. But otherwise my health is good.”

“My mind and head work well. In that respect, my life is quite okay. I am happy with everything in my life.”

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Lindström has also started to have some problems with his eyesight.

“But I’m already 82 years old,” he laughs.

Lindström was already watching the World Cup semi-finals at the Nokia Arena on Saturday.

Like Lindström himself said, he thinks he is still in very good shape. The legend trots casually, leaning on his walking stick.

He thinks that he will now be in Finland for the last time, at least because of the World Hockey Championships. But by the way, he doesn’t lock this in as his last visit to his “second homeland” yet.

“You never know. Every time can eventually be the last time”, Lindström reflects philosophically.

“Of course I still want to visit Finland in the future if I feel good. But everything related to traveling is pretty heavy these days. Car trips, waiting, flying, walking everywhere…”

Lindstrom lives with his spouse half the year in Thailand, half in Sweden. He arrived there at the beginning of May.

This weekend’s trip to Tampere was important to Lindström. He got to meet his dear friends Kummola and Hannu Aravirran.

“These men are important to me. Likewise Heikki Riihiranta. We keep in touch.”

The connection between Lindström and Kummola becomes easily clear when the two get into a fight after the ennoblement ceremony.

“Min bästa kompis”, Lindström sighs as he pats his friend on the shoulder and poses for a group photo.

Kalervo Kummola and Curt Lindström had a warm meeting.

Lindstrom was the head coach of the Finnish national team for four seasons in 1993–97.

“Kummola opened the door to Finland for me.”

“We met once in Germany on the terrace of a night club. We had a few beers and chatted. Kale asked if I would like to come to Finland to work. I didn’t think for a minute.”

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After that, a meeting was organized at Arlanda Airport.

“And the final decision was made near Turku at a gas station called Neste. Because Kai Hietarinta was also there”, Lindström recalls.

in Tampere A handsome golden ring sparkles on Lindström’s finger. Upon closer inspection, it is revealed to be the 1995 championship ring.

“I put this on my finger every time I come to Finland,” says Lindström.

That year revolutionized Lindström’s life in many ways. Even today, 28 years later, Lindström is recognized in Finland.


“When I just went to Stockholm airport, a Finn came up to me to congratulate and thank me for 1995,” Lindström smiles.

Lindström’s finger sparkles with a championship ring from 1995.

Lindström and final hero Ville Peltonen in the party mood 28 years ago.

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