Ice hockey | The stupid layoff cost HIFK dearly, the scoring streak still continued

HIFK continues its scoring streak, but it is hardly comforting when Pelicans claimed the victory with Teemu Eronen’s overtime goal.

Helsinki IFK the point streak in the hockey League continues, but it was a thin consolation when it came to the jacket. The team played its 13th consecutive match in which it has received at least one point.

Pelicans won 3–2 after overtime in the Stadi ice rink. Defender Teemu Eronen decided with superiority that spoke.

of HIFK Take Rantakari took the frustration ice and hit with a crossbar Marko Kivenmäki in the face. Moments earlier, Kivenmäki had lightly nudged Rantakari upside down without any hesitation.

“These probably go either way, but I wonder more Otto Paajanen cool down at the end of regular time”, head coach of HIFK Ville Peltonen said.

“These situations have to be endured and tolerated. Six out of two was just too much.”

The judge Eronen said that it can be beaten, whether it was right to let Kivenmäki rest or not to whistle.

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“It’s not up to me to decide, but it went this way. Sometimes these go right, sometimes not,” Eronen said.

Being underpowered cost HIFK a possible victory. The evening was otherwise modest for the home team. In the first two sets, it was even tedious to count HIFK’s goal chances, when there were so few of them.

Aatu Jämsenin in the lead goal scored by Pelicans, the puck bounced and luck helped. Roope Tapose there was no chance to fight back.

In the second hit Lars Bryggman built a mask the size of a rock in front of Taponen and directed the numbers 0–2 next to it. The goal came in 36:48, when the IFK pack Einari Luhangan the freeze had ended a moment earlier.

IFK made the reduction Eetu Koivistoinen and leveling Ilari Melart. The goals were like copies of each other. Wrist shot from the blue line.

HIFK has recently been trying to rise in the league standings. Sometimes it’s hard to see. The team has received points from 13 matches in a row, but the pain is progressing slowly.

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“We collect points in the regular season, and now we got one. Hopefully this is a seed for the next game. The first two sets were not played as well as they should have been. The Pelicans played again,” Peltonen said.

When IFK started its points streak, the team was outside the top ten, but still not higher than ninth place. The two overdue fights could bring an encouraging boost, but that will only come after the matches are won.

It is extremely difficult to advance in the 15-team league, when the teams around HIFK collect points by facing each other crosswise.

When you start a season poorly, it often ends poorly. This is where IFK’s great danger lies.

The team’s game almost shines at its best or sinks into a vague slop every now and then. There was too much sneaking against the Pelicans.

HIFK was missing Julius Nättinen, a good scorer, but that doesn’t explain all the inefficiency. Nättinen was also on the sidelines from the weekend Sport visit.

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HIFK will face Luko on Thursday in Rauma. Tappara comes to the Stadium on Saturday, and the match starts at a very unusual time at 14:30.

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