Ice hockey | Junior players of the Jokers were insulted throughout the match in Turku

From the stands of the junior game, there were shouts of personal abuse. TPS is trying to find out who the shouters were.

Supporters the shouting got completely out of hand in the under-16 hockey match played in Turku.

TPS will host the Jokers in the quarter-final match of the U16 SM series at the Impivaara ice hall on Saturday. There were 195 spectators.

A group of supporters of twenty young men shouted insults at the players of the away team throughout the match, according to the recording of the match shown on Leijonat TV.

Rumi’s foul happened at the end of the match. TPS supporters chanted “Putin’s whores” in unison, as the drum beat.

The announcer also intervened in this shout, who stated: “Let’s clean our mouths a little in the stands”.

Russian the insult attached to the president was by no means the only excess. On the match recording, “gay” shouts could be heard throughout the match. “Suomi, Suomi, Suomi” shouts were also sung several times.

When the Joker players were penalized in the second round, the TPS supporters chanted “fuck you, what a fool” over and over again. There were still isolated screams. One of the Jokers’ players was called “eunuch shit”.

The shouting accelerated towards the end of the even match and started to go from general insults to personal ones. The player and mother who hit the TPS goalkeeper on the hands were called a whore.

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Towards the end of the match, TPS supporters chanted that one of the joker players mentioned by name was a fucking clown and a fucking piece of shit.

The single most outrageous shout was also addressed to the mentioned Joker player by name. The supporter shouted that he had sex with the player’s “läski mutsi”.

One The father of the Jokerien player, who watched the match on Leijonat TV in Helsinki, tells Ilta-Sanom that he has never come across similar outrages.

“We heard that no Lord God, why is no one interfering with that in any way. I would have imagined that the judges would not intervene”, the father wonders.

According to the father, the match itself was clean and fair. There were no rough tackles or other emotional situations.

“It’s nice if our own people are supported, but if 99 percent of the shouts are insulting the opponent, then it’s no longer okay.”

“Individual shouts here and there still happen, but that was already quite bad when people started yelling and barking at people’s names. The limit is starting to be crossed.”

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Jokers Head coach of the U16 team Tomi Ståhlhammar emphasizes that there is nothing bad to say about the TPS team. The game was fair, and there were no fouls on the ice.

“The finger of blame is by no means pointed at the TPS team. It is clear. They played a great hockey game,” says the joker pilot.

Ståhlhammar, who has played five seasons in the SM league as a player, sees provocation and mental play as part of the sport, but at the point when the shouting goes personal, we are far on the wrong side of the boundaries of good taste.

“Personal barking at players makes me furious. It is not acceptable under any circumstances.”

“Also, using the name of a manager from an eastern neighbor and connecting him to our team was the same, which is by no means within the bounds of good taste.”

However, the head coach was proud of his defenders, whose concentration remained in the game despite the shouts of abuse.

One Joker player also said that the players focused on playing and tried to silence the home team’s fan group with game shows.

“That’s not the kind of fan culture that young players playing their first playoff games in their lives need to see,” states Ståhlhammar.

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IS reached the executive director of TPS junior hockey Kalle Lahten on saturday night. Lahti was not on site at the match, but followed the match via Leijonat TV.

“No one should ever have to hear such a thing. I am very sorry for myself and the club,” says Lahti.

“As a club, we do not accept inappropriate behavior like that. It doesn’t belong in any puck stand, no matter what age match it is.”

Lahti says that TPS is trying to find out who the people who shouted abuse in the stands were.

According to preliminary information, the shouters are friends and acquaintances of TPS players.

“The purpose is to get to talking. We are trying to educate in a way that this time will be the last and they will understand that yelling like this is not tolerable.”

Lahti says that you can still come to TPS junior matches to cheer, but specifically to cheer. In possible future home games, TPS plans to monitor behavior in the stands more closely, Lahti says.

“I’m not going to knock you out that you can’t encourage in the future, but the way and style must be different.”

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