Ice hockey | In the league, a startling send-off was whistled – unanimous verdict from hockey fans: “What a farce”

Ässi’s Aleksi Laakso flew into the shower during the league round after colliding with the referee. The situation seemed unintentional, and the verdict seemed unfounded in the opinion of hockey fans.

One one of the rarest situations in Saturday’s Liiga round was seen in the match between Ässie and KooKoo in Pori. In the middle of the final set, Ässi was sentenced to a drive-out without the ensuing understrength.

Defender of Aces Aleksi Laakso hit the referee, as a result of which he was sidelined for unsportsmanlike conduct. He was deemed to have violated the immunity of the judge.

Based on C More’s TV image, however, it seems that the referee rather backed Laakso into his lap, and Laakso had no chance to avoid the hit.

Ice hockey fans shared the video on social media. Kiekkokansa’s verdict seemed to be unanimous: kicking out was a very drastic solution.

“What a farce,” one tweeter commented on the situation.

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“Stones in the pocket,” another hinted in the direction of the judge.

CooCoo was tenacious and combative in the thriller. The league’s best away team eventually won 3–1. Only the last of the goals was scored due to superiority, but somewhat the Pori team’s game got mixed up in special situations.

Keeper Oskari Setänen kept the visitors up if necessary with his saves, and after the opening goal of the evening, Ässät did not hit the goal again. It was the opening goal Aleksi Heimosalmen the first of his entire league career.

“It was an extremely hard and difficult game. At the beginning, we were really rattled, but on the other hand, it even made it a little easier. I got into the game with a rush myself,” Setänen thought.

“All the credit goes to the audience as well, it’s wonderful to play at an event like this. You can’t help but get fired up with these.”

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