Ice hockey | In the end, Pelicans withstood Ilves Myllytyk – a dangerous situation was seen in the match

Pelicans tied their semifinal series against Ilves.

Tampere teams On Saturday, Tappara and Ilves were unable to continue their away victories in the semi-finals of the hockey league. Ilves lost in Lahti to Pelicans 2–3, and Tappara lost to HIFK in Helsinki with 2–4 goals. Both semi-final series are tied at 1–1.

In Lahti, Ilves scored the opening goal like in the first match. Henrik Haapala won the puck on the offensive end and cleverly turned it back An advantage for Päkkiläwhose shot hit the bottom right corner in 5:54.

A good minute later we saw a dangerous situation when the Pelicans’ defender Ben Blood pushed Eemeli Finland near the end and Finland fell headfirst against the side.

After the video review, Blood took a shower with a 5+20 minute penalty. It was a prelude to a match that contained hard fights and heated emotions.

The Pelicans survived the understrength and gained a spirit from it, which was raised even more Lukas Jasek equalizer to 1–1 Ilves by Filip Westerlund from squatting for two minutes while sitting.

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Another at the beginning of the set, the people of Lahti were able to play with the superiority of two men for almost a minute and a half, but Jasek’s 2–1 goal was achieved in 26:09 only when Ilves had four field players on the ice again. Less than three minutes later Anton Myllari added a 3–1 Pelicans lead.

For the first time in the semi-final series, Ilves, who was the chaser, pushed the game to the Lahtai end for a long time and finally got a 3–2 reduction Santeri Virtanen from the stage in 33.41. Ilves couldn’t get any closer, despite the hard struggle.

The semifinals take a break for a few days before moving to Tampere. On Wednesday, Tappara–HIFK will be played at the Tampere arena, and on Thursday, Ilves–Pelicans.

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