Ice hockey | Home games are difficult for Kookoo: victory has been a rare treat

On Wednesday, Pelicans claimed the points from Kouvola.


Fog valley has been, at least for the hosts, an excellent appointment for the Kouvola ice rink when KooKoo plays its home games this season in the men’s ice hockey league. KooKoo, who had a good time away, has picked up only two points from his four autumn home games after losing to Pelicans on Wednesday with goals 1–3.

In mid-March, KooKoo claimed a spring playoff spot with his home win against the Pelicans. Since then, the team has won one of their ten league-level home matches in regular time.

“We dominated the game for two sets, but only seemingly. Someone should put the pucks in the bag too. For some, it might not be clear that this week’s games started on Wednesday instead of Friday,” said the KooKoo pilot. Olli Salo.

The seven-man sick list for the Pelicans was served by a defender making his league debut Good luck to Kyähkö and a second-generation league player, a winger Jesse Kiiskinen. Keeper Jasper Patrikainen secured the win with 23 saves. The winning goal was scored by the center forward in the 44th minute Sakke Hämäläinen.

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“It wasn’t our best game, maybe because of the big rink. Fortunately, we were able to scrape together a win. I was able to shoot from close range and from behind a good mask,” summed up center four Hämäläinen, who scored his second goal of the season.

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