Ice hockey | HIFK was completely defenseless in Rauma, until a moment of power turned the whole game

Lukko managed to score the first goal of the match and dominate the game to his heart’s content. Then HIFK struck three times and the people of Rauma changed the goalkeeper.


Lock–HIFK 3–5 (wins 0–3)

Sometimes a small moment of playing time can turn the settings of a hockey match on its head completely unexpectedly. That’s what happened to Rauma on Wednesday, and in three minutes HIFK took the quarter-final series to a break thanks to the goals they scored.

The home team Lukko came into the match strong, and HIFK had difficulties to get their offensive game going under the strong pressure of the team from Rauma. The opening goal was scored by Lukon Antti Saarelan control, and Luko’s goalkeeper’s number of saves hung tenaciously together.

Even in the middle of the set, no one in the Äijänsuo hall would have believed that Lukko would change the goalkeeper in a two-goal deficit before the match reaches the 15 minute mark.

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First Otto Paajanen was left free in the middle of three Luko players. By Sebastian Dyk the pass found Konkar’s platform and the puck into the back corner in 11:30.

After, HIFK got the upper hand and Julius Nättinen the pass found Dyk all alone in the back corner of the goal two minutes after the opening goal. Less than a minute later at 14:21 Kristian Vesalainen shot the puck into the back corner, and Lukon started with the goal Artem Zagidulin skated to change.

When Luko’s control continued, to the one who replaced him For Samuel Jukur the first save was recorded only midway through the second set.

“We haven’t had the best starts to the games and even today Lukko came hard as we expected, but we couldn’t respond to that start. When we got over it, we were able to improve our own game a bit”, said the HIFK winger Iiro Pakarinen.

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Pakarinen hit the puck into the net twice in the third period. The first one took HIFK to a three-goal run away with a score of 4–2.

The lock narrowed when Jere Karjalainen was able to drive through underpowered, but during the same freeze, Pakarinen hit the second one. Karjalainen also increased his score of the evening to two goals, when Lukko played without a goalkeeper, but Lukko couldn’t get closer to 5-3.

“A really committed and tenacious defensive battle. The attacking game was effective, but it wasn’t quite enough. Not as much as we’d like. Lock’s hard pressure and strong grip lasted the whole game. We didn’t get long periods of pressure, but we were effective,” said HIFK’s head coach Ville Peltonen.

Series is on hiatus for HIFK in the upcoming games. For the first time, HIFK will be able to try to break on Friday in their home hall.

Luka has something to think about, especially in his choice of goalkeeper. Zagidulin was not able to take important booths in the opening set, when HIFK got a few places. The Russian guard has been a sovereign number one defender in Rauma throughout the season, but the momentum has not carried over to the playoffs. of HIFK Roope Taponen has taken a clear lead over his official brother in the quarter-final series so far.

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“Our goalkeeper was better than the opponent’s,” Peltonen said after the match.

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