Ice Hockey For the Finnish hockey players, the World Cup bronze medal, Sweden crushed Norway in the final

Finland defeated the United States in the bronze match 5–2.

Finland the women’s national hockey team won a bronze medal at the World Championships in Åby, Sweden. Finland defeated the United States in the bronze match 5–2. Topi Rytkönen The power players of the coached team were Susanna Simola, who scored three goals and scored 2 + 1 Linda Lohiniva.

“A little nervousness was noticeable, but well the women ended up doing the job at home,” said Topi Rytkönen of the Ice Hockey Association. website.

In the previous World Championships in Oslo two years ago, Finnish women finished fourth after Sweden, Russia and Norway. Russia, one of the top countries in hockey, was not seen in the Swedish World Cup due to the war in Ukraine. Ukraine was also on the sidelines of the Games.

Finnish hockey players have reached bronze five times at the World Championships, but brighter medals have not been taken. Sweden won as many as 12-0 in Norway in the final of their World Cup home tournament. Tilda Ström finished five goals for Sweden.

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