Hunting The French Supreme Court banned glue fishing for birds, for which the land had an exemption

Animal rights organizations consider the method cruel, and any bird can get caught in a glued branch.

French the supreme administrative court announced on Monday that catching birds with glue will be banned, according to the news agency AFP.

In the south of France in particular, the traditional method of trapping works by casting the branches of trees with glue to which the birds stick. The first birds are used as a lure to get the next victims to the scene.

Animal rights and environmental organizations oppose trapping with glue, as glue does not select its victim: endangered birds can also be caught. In addition, the trapping method is cruel and causes prolonged suffering to the captured birds.

According to activists, 150,000 birds die each year in France from gluing and other hunting, where the animal is not selected as a target but is expected to catch itself.

Glue fishing was banned in the EU decades ago, but in France it has so far been allowed to continue with an exemption.

The European Court of Justice issued a warning to France in March that catching with glue was considered to cause permanent damage not only to birds of prey but also to birds of prey.

In France, the court ruled on Monday that the French government and the hunters’ association were unable to provide sufficient evidence that non-intended birds of prey were not suffering.

French Minister for the Environment Barbara Pompili praised the decision on Twitter to promote biodiversity, while the hunters’ association accused the court of bending under pressure from the minister.



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