Hunting Several national parks also hunt in southern Finland: “Moose riding is allowed in almost all national parks”

In the national parks of Northern Finland, local residents have the right to hunt freely. Moose riding is permitted in almost all national parks with an exception.

National parks was established primarily to protect nature and safeguard biodiversity. It is also intended to allow people to enjoy and relax in nature. In Finland, hunting is also quite common in national parks.

In northern Finland, locals have the right to hunt freely in national parks, but hunting elsewhere is also allowed in several parks on a case-by-case basis, says the nature conservation manager. Pekka Heikkilä Metsähallitus, which manages national parks.

“In addition, deer riding is allowed in almost all national parks,” says Heikkilä.

Restricted hunting is allowed, for example, for waterfowl and seals in marine national parks. Deer hunting is also allowed in some places in the parks of southern Finland.

Both hunting and deer riding require an exemption granted by Metsähallitus.

Hunting permitting in nature reserves became a topic of conversation due to a hunting accident in Urho Kekkonen National Park in Lapland. A 30-year-old mountain biker died Saturday when a hunter’s shot hit him.

Police suspect that a hunter in a bird forest accidentally shot a mountain biker who was on a marked route in a popular outdoor area.

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In Urho Kekkonen National Park, hunting is allowed to locals, as in all parks in northern Finland.

Hunting arrangements are decided in the context of the establishment of protected areas and are defined in the founding act. Disputes about allowing or banning hunting have generally arisen in connection with the establishment of almost all national parks.

National parks are established by law and hunting is generally prohibited in them. However, there are exceptions.

The exception is the parks in Northern Finland, where hunting is free for local residents. Based on the Hunting Act, locals have the right to hunt on state lands in Lapland and Kainuu, as well as in Kuusamo, Taivalkoski and Pudasjärvi.

There are also exceptions for certain species. For example, in the Bothnian Sea National Park, gray seal hunting is allowed as well as waterfowl hunting in four areas. In the Archipelago Sea National Park, Ekenäs Archipelago National Park and the Eastern Gulf of Finland National Park, local residents are allowed to hunt waterfowl, among other things.

Deer and white-tailed deer hunting is allowed in Teijo National Park. In Kolovesi, on the other hand, deer hunting is allowed for locals.

Fishing for guest beasts, such as mink and raccoon dogs, in national parks is also permitted with the exception of Metsähallitus. Metsähallitus is itself eradicating alien predators to revive declining bird populations in the archipelago.

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Nature reserves regulations on hunting vary. In bog protected areas, on the other hand, hunting is often allowed, while in old forest and grove protected areas there are stricter restrictions.

In protected areas where hunting is permitted, hunting may be restricted, for example, regionally, temporally or by species.

Hunting is prohibited in nature parks. They also allow hiking only on marked routes.

Nuuksion In the national park, on the other hand, there has been a special twist between Metsähallitus and the police hunting club.

The rules of the national park prohibit hunting in the park area, but the Police-Wilderness Association has been allowed to shoot deer and deer and other vertebrates in part of the national park. Police Wildernessmen have had a contractual hunting right since 1995.

The hunting club has not agreed to waive its right, although Metsähallitus has tried to negotiate free hunting of the entire national park a few years ago.

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