Hungary | Thousands opposed the Chinese university campus planned for Budapest

The Budapest city government has openly opposed the project by renaming the streets in the area of ​​the planned campus.

Thousands Hungarians on Saturday opposed a Chinese university’s plans to open a university campus in the country.

A Chinese university campus is planned for the Hungarian capital, Budapest. An extensive anti-plan demonstration was held in the city on Saturday.

The demonstration saw several prime ministers of the country Viktor Orbánia critical signs. Orban was called a traitor, among other things.

Orbán’s opponents have accused the prime minister of flirting with China. In addition, they fear that the Chinese university will weaken the country’s level of higher education and increase China’s influence in Hungary and Europe.

The demonstration was covered by news media, among others CNN.

Hungary in April, the government signed an agreement on a new campus with Fuda University in Shanghai. The new campus would be located in an area where dormitories for Hungarian students are planned.

The Hungarian government called Fudan a world-class institution and said the campus “gives students the opportunity to learn from the best”.

The Budapest city government has openly opposed the project. The city administration previously renamed the streets in the area of ​​the planned campus in order to annoy the Chinese administration.

There are now four new street signs in the currently undeveloped area. The Dalai Lama Street, Free Hong Kong Street and Uighur Martyr Street, among others, line the planned location of the university.



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