Hungary | The Prime Minister’s Party is trying to ban the “advertising” of homosexuality in Hungary

The planned law would in practice prohibit telling young people about sexual and gender minorities and their rights. According to NGOs, changes in the law would severely restrict freedom of expression and children’s rights.

In Hungary the Prime Minister of the right Viktor Orbánin on Thursday, the party presented its proposals for amendments to the law aimed, among other things, at banning the “advertising” of homosexuality and gender corrections.

Amnesty International, Budapest Pride and three other human rights organizations immediately condemned the plans. The organizations compared Fidesz’s proposals to a law in force in Russia that allows for the distribution of penalties for homosexual “propaganda” aimed at young people.

The news agency AFP has received an 11-page document dealing with changes in the law. According to it, a draft law in Hungary would prohibit young people from being told about sexual and gender minorities and their rights. The law would also negatively affect the activities and visibility of groups’ rights organizations.

In 2019, the ads for soft drink giant Coca-Cola caused aggravation in the Prime Minister’s Party. The ads were related to a popular music festival that had supported the acceptance of homosexuality.

Advertisements and books on homosexuality, such as those mentioned above, would be banned by the proposed changes to the law.

Non – governmental organizations assessed in their bulletin that, if passed, the proposed legislative changes would severely restrict freedom of expression and children’s rights. The organizations accused Hungary of conforming to dictatorial models that run counter to European values.

According to AFP, the additions proposed by Fidesz are among the pedophilia initiatives.

Last December, the Hungarian Parliament passed a package of laws protecting the traditional family. In practice, the law, among other things, prevented same-sex couples from adopting a child.

Especially in recent years, June has been a pride month in many countries, with human rights and cultural events, among other things. In Finland, for example, Helsinki is organizing its pride week this year at the turn of June-July.

Seta, a Finnish organization that promotes the rights of sexual and gender minorities by pride is a global movement and mindset that emphasizes everyone’s right to their own sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.



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