Hungary | Hungarian opposition seeks Orbán’s challenger, pre-election becoming a thrilling play: “Budapest’s intellectuals are now in trouble”

Hungary is a multi-party system no longer in theory. In practice, there are only two options.

It’s the prime minister Viktor Orbánin the right-wing populist Fidesz party, and then there are its opponents. There are no intermediate forms.

Everyone from the far-right Jobbik party to the red-green liberals in the capital are now on one front against Orban.

Two of them there are more options than years.

The opposition decided to unite after seeing over the past decade that no party was operating weapons in Fidesz. Even the most popular opposition party gained only 15 percent support a year ago.

The alliance paid off. The Greens Gregory Christmas was elected mayor of Budapest, and Fidesz representatives were appalled for other cities as well.

It is now being considered whether power could change at the national level for the first time since 2010. Elections will be held in the spring.

Fidesz and the joint opposition have competed side by side in polls with about 48 percent support.

Now the opposition is facing a tough choice. Who should choose to lead the front? Who would have the best chance of suing Orbán?

It will be decided on Saturday.

Opposition the pre-election is an exciting play. There are now two main candidates when Budapest’s green Karácsony gave up his candidacy.

That makes the election difficult for the city elite. Should I vote for the candidate I prefer? Or who could beat Orbán? And then which would it be?

“The elections are being taken to the country, and the intellectuals of Budapest are now in trouble. Now let’s see if strategic voting works, ”says dissertation researcher in social anthropology Annastiina Kallius. Kallius, who lived in Hungary, is preparing a dissertation on Hungarian politics in the 2010s.

Clear the pre-favorite is left-wing Klára Dobrev, which received 35 percent of the votes in the first round. His position reminds many of those who aspired to be president of the United States Hillary Clinton.

Dobrev’s resume is convincing, with experience as Vice-President of the European Parliament and President of UN Women, Hungary, for example.

“Klára Dobrev is a professional official. But his choice would be like handing over a loaded weapon to Orbán, ”Kallius says.

No one doubts Dobrev’s gifts. But there is no escaping the fact that against Orban, her best asset – and worst burden – is her husband, the former prime minister Ferenc Gyurcsány.

Gyurcsány is Orbán’s arch-enemy number two. Unlike enemy number one, George Soros, Gyurcsány is a real threat to Soros. In 2002, he humiliated Orban by dropping this prime minister off the ball after his first term.

The loaded weapon mentioned by Kallius is the infamous Öszöd speech given by Gyurcsány as Prime Minister in 2006.

The speech given behind closed doors to the Demari party elite is roughly the worst thing that can come out of a politician’s mouth. Gyurcsány admitted that he lied and will lie to the citizens in order to keep “this fucking country” standing.

The artillery-ridden artillery spilled into the public eye, and Orbán managed to paint the Socialists as corrupt liars. When Orbán came to power in 2010, he made sure that Gyurcsány could not get revenge.

In Fidesz propaganda, Gyurcsány is still the most popular destination after Soros. If Klára Dobrev is elected as an opposition candidate, she will get a scoop of dirt on her neck.

Because many opposition voters grab their noses and elect Dobrev’s opponent Peter Mark-Zayn. Fideszille Márki-Zay is a more difficult piece.

Márki-Zay is a conservative Catholic man from the south of Hungary. Very conservative.

Péter Márki-Zay spoke at an election ceremony in Budapest on Sunday.

He has even said that he believes in corporal punishment, that is, that he has beaten his children. There are seven children.

In 2018, Márki-Zay became mayor of the city of Hódmezövásárhely, which had been ruled by Fidesz since 1990. He said he was a disappointed Fidesz voter who did not shy away from Fidesz’s xenophobia in his campaign. As mayor, he installed a “counter” for asylum seekers at City Hall.

Márki-Zay, who came from outside politics, managed to haunt the other parties behind him against Fidesz. “I believe that Márki-Zay can unite the opposition,” Karácsany of Budapest said as he resigned his candidacy in favor of Márki-Zay.

Gergely Karácsony (left) has resigned, Péter Márki-Zay is still seeking to lead the opposition front. Last week, they spoke together to the media in Budapest.

In the first round of the primary, Márki-Zay received 20 percent of the vote. But according to polls, he would win Orbán if the election were held now.

Is it enough?

Orbánin time has dormanted youth, which, moreover, has emigrated in large numbers. Elderly and loyal démarches may lead Dobrev to victory.

Organization has breathed new enthusiasm into the opposition – and for once in Hungary there has been talk of something other than Orbán.

Candidates have toured the country diligently. There are erected constituencies, acquired tellers, and all on a voluntary basis. The primary elections are completely unofficial and have not received even forints of public money.

In the first round, 600,000 votes were cast. In Hungary, with a population of ten million, that is a lot, especially in an era of political apathy created by Fidesz.

Elections will not be held until spring. The front now looks united, but Orbán knows how to break up the opposition effectively.

“Went to blame or clay, a democratic culture is preserved in Hungary. Shadow elections have been held there. Democracy can be realized at least on a certain level, ”says Kallius. “That doesn’t mean next year’s election will be democratic.”

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