Humanitarian crisis in San Diego due to mass release of migrants into the streets



Migration to the US

Migrant waits between the two border fences on the southern US border with Mexico in San Diego.



Migrant waits between the two border fences on the US southern border with Mexico in San Diego.

Many families remain outdoors for days, asking the federal government to take charge.

The San Diego County government declared a “humanitarian crisis” on Tuesday after Border authorities have released more than 7,800 asylum seekers onto the county’s streets without any assistance.

The Border Patrol has taken groups of migrants from the border to the cities of San Diego, Oceanside and El Cajón, and to a Trolley transportation system station.

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The San Diego County Board of Supervisors unanimously declared an emergency and urged the federal government to take charge of caring for these asylum seekers.

Some of the migrants have found help from their sponsors, the people who will house them and take care of their expenses while they process asylum, but many other families remain outdoors for days.

In recent days, the border between Mexico and the United States has experienced a new massive wave of migration that has saturated cities in California, Texas and Arizona, and that led the Mexican Government to commit over the weekend to the United States to deport these migrants in its territory.

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Migration to the US

US Border Patrol agents process migrants who have been camped at the border.



The Border Patrol has not responded to requests from the press, but in mid-September it informed civil organizations that it had begun leaving groups of migrants on the streets to clear its facilities, which were overwhelmed.

The Board called on the federal government to designate resources and personnel to assist asylum seekers and connect them with their sponsors and final destinations to avoid releases into the streets.

He also stressed his opposition to the transfers of asylum seekers from other states and jurisdictions.

The county will send a detailed letter to the federal government about the specific needs of local nongovernmental organizations and communities, according to the bipartisan statement.


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