Human rights Now celebrating the multiple anniversary of the Rainbow People, HS collects Pride images from readers along the route

Pride is about work that promotes human rights and equality throughout the year, reminds Helsinki Pride’s Executive Director Aaro Horsma.

Presently celebrating the multiple anniversary of the rights of sexual and gender minorities.

50 years ago the criminalization of homosexual acts was removed from the law, 40 years ago homosexuality was removed from the official disease classification and 30 years ago the Helsinki Region Seta, or the current Helsinki Pride, was established. 20 years ago, Parliament passed a law on registered partnerships and 10 years ago, transvestism was removed from the disease classification.

However, the traditional Pride procession is not organized due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Despite this, HS and the Helsinki Pride community want to bring the Pride procession and idea to the streets of Helsinki. The intention is to bring old images of the rainbow procession to the outdoor advertising surfaces of the traditional Pride procession route.

“The photographs will be used to build an installation along the traditional route of the Pride procession, which will cut through the history of Helsinki Pride,” says HS’s Marketing Manager. Niina Käkelä.

Pictures will be on the route for part of the entire Pride week (June 28-July 4), but mostly on Saturday, July 3, when the Pride procession would traditionally have been organized.

There are a total of about 40 photographic surfaces around Helsinki. The aim is to place the images as close as possible to the place where the images were originally taken.

Helsinki Executive Director of the Pride Community Aaro Horsma recalls that In Pride it is not just a procession and a park festival, but work to promote human rights and equality throughout the year.

Last year, when the summer Pride procession was canceled due to a coronavirus epidemic, the commitment to Pride’s message of equality and human rights work and its goals felt even stronger, Horsma says.

“Maybe last year it couldn’t be so easily acknowledged just by flagging in Pride Week. Effectiveness and change require year-round action, ”Horsma recalls.

Pictures Along the Pride route, information is collected from the archives of HS and Helsinki Pride, but this also requires the help of readers.

That is, if you want the image you took to be part of the anniversary procession installation, you can send it to HS by filling out the following questionnaire:



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