Human rights Dubai’s Princess Latifa appears to have received more freedoms, the body pushing for the princess’s release says it has received messages from her

Sheikh’s daughter has been seen on social media away from home, and release lawyers say they have received messages from her.

Dubai princess Latifa al-Maktoum seems to have gained more freedoms and apparently to travel, according to Reuters.

Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoumin the daughter was seen on Instagram in a picture where she appears to be abroad. In previous social media photos, he has been out in the UAE.

“We are delighted that Latifa seems to have a passport and she seems to be traveling and enjoying the increased freedom, these are very positive steps forward,” commented David Haigh, The founder and lawyer of the Free Latifa (Free Latifa) movement for Reuters.

Haigh also said the campaign team has received messages directly from Latifa himself.

In February al-Maktoum sent secret video messages saying he was imprisoned. The UN demanded evidence of al-Maktoum’s situation, and the UAE responded by stating that “he will be cared for with the support of his family and medical professionals”.

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Latifa al-Maktoum tried to escape in his father’s power in 2018 but got caught. He was helped by a Finnish friend Tiina Jauhiainen.

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