Hugo Ibarra, DT of Boca Juniors, was rushed to a clinic


Boca Juniors

Boca Juniors fans.

Boca Juniors fans.

He looked down, had bleeding and was taken by ambulance.

They all went on alert. The arrival of an ambulance at the practice of Boca aroused attention. It is that the doctors of the Ribera entity made that determination after evaluating the state of health of Hugo Ibarra that he arrived at training somewhat down and after evaluating him they determined that it was best to transfer him to a clinic in Ezeiza.

The DT of Boca when he entered the club’s premises he already felt somewhat uncomfortable. A severe headache was bothering him, but everything changed when he began to bleed from his nose.
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much alarm

Immediately the doctors from the campus came to treat him and after a few minutes they decided to order his transfer to a medical center to do some studies and avoid complications.

According to the Boca medical team, it could be a pressure problem
Therefore, they understood that going to a guard was the most prudent thing to do.

Sebastián Villa celebrates with Boca.

Sources close to the entity of La Ribera reported that Ibarra is already betterry that he will stay in the clinic for a few hours to fully stabilize him.

The present

Meanwhile, the sports situation in Boca has troubled waters. Hugo Ibarra begins to lose credit for how poorly his team is playing, the confusion in the tactical standoff and the choice of names that offer no guarantees.

Yes, the collective does not work, it is essential that individualities stand out as in obtaining the Professional League 2022.

For this reason, the coach and his assistants begin to imagine heavy variants after the defeat against Banfield (0-1), in which the team left a pale image.

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