HS Visio | Timo Lappi succeeded in his goals when restrictions were lifted in the restaurant and tourism sector. Next, the goal of the master lobbyist is to intervene in Wolt’s actions.

Timo Lappi has been at work every day for more than fifteen months. His job has been to push the cause of tourism and restaurant entrepreneurs in the midst of a corona pandemic. It has angered many, but it rains praise from its own forces.

Rannan stepping along the stairs from the sauna cottage Timo Lappi is like any summer vacationer. The lake landscape is complemented by blueberry bushes waiting to be picked, Mölkky leaning against the wall and peas covered with a table.

During the summer holidays, Lapland, the CEO of Mara, the trustee of tourism and restaurant entrepreneurs, is, but only in theory. He was last really on vacation on Sunday, March 8, 2020.



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