HS Visio | The FBI has been lurking for science pirate Aleksandra Elbakjania for years. Now he tells HS Vision what the “communist project” is about.

Alexandra Elbakjan developed a service that downloads hundreds of thousands of scientific articles for free every day. For others, he is a hero who blows up the unfair structures of the scientific world. But he is also a criminal wanted by the FBI and sentenced to tens of millions of dollars in compensation. In an interview with HS Vision, Elbakjan wonders about the journalist’s strange questions.

There on the screen he is now, a wanted criminal.



Alexandra Elbakjan waving the couch to the camera. He has agreed to the video interview on the condition that he be allowed to give it in Russian.

Elbakjan has a tanned t-shirt and a wide smile. The impression is harmless. In the background is an apartment where Elbakja is “hiding”.



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