HS Visio | Facebook has a great responsibility in eradicating hate speech and demarcating freedom of speech in Finland as well. Aura Salla, Director of Public Relations, talks about how some giants are pushing the boundaries of the debate.

In Finland, too, Facebook is increasingly drawing the line between what is hate speech or painting and what is an accepted political debate. Aura Salla, the company’s Director of Public Relations in charge of EU affairs, needs support from uniform, European legislation to define it.

Facebook users and advertisers don’t want hate speech on the platform, and some company itself has a full zero tolerance for it. That’s what Facebook’s public relations director for EU affairs says Aura Salla.

Somewhat this is where the clear tones end. On the May Day weekend in the English Premier League the footballers staged a someboicot, which was also joined by other top athletes. Their message was that Facebook and Twitter are not doing enough on their platforms to eradicate rampant hate speech and racism.

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