HS Vantaa Why are you sanded in Vantaa, even though it is ten degrees warm? There is nothing silly here, the city argues

The warm autumn has reduced the need for road sanding. The change in weather will bring sanding machines to the streets for the rest of the week.

Outside it is ten degrees warm and it rains. And look, Tikkuraitt is sanded.

Why this is done is asked on social media In Vantaa Puskaradio.

The answer to the question is simple.

“Frost has been promised for the weekend, so we will sand sensitive places in advance,” says the corresponding road master in the Eastern Road District Tomi Ollikainen.

Sensitive places include wooden bridges, paved road surfaces and tunnel ramps. According to Ollikainen, Tikkurait’s tiled walkway becomes slippery in different ways than asphalt during frost heats, so it is also more easily sanded.

Although sanding in advance can feel silly, it often isn’t. According to Ollikainen, there is seldom enough water to form such a thick layer on top of the crushed stone that sanding would be of no use.

“And the water granules aren’t so big that they would stay on that surface and go through the sand.”

This fall, the city has survived with rare low sanding due to the warm fall. Also, road salting has only been done a few times.

“It’s likely to be salted over the weekend if ice comes,” Ollikainen thinks.


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