HS Vantaa The sculpture was subjected to blatant vandalism in front of Vantaa City Hall – “I believe that even tools have been used”

The sculpture in front of City Hall in Tikkurila often encounters vandalism. Now it has been in repair for over two months.

Vantaa curator of the Arts Museum of Arts Anne Kaarna-Suomi noticed something very annoying one fall morning. He also remembers the date: it was Friday, November 13th.

Attempts had been made to remove the bronze Fish Sculpture from the basin in front of the town hall.

“Every effort had been made to overthrow the sculpture, and I believe even tools have been used to help. The steel pins with which it was installed attached to the bottom of the pool were broken. In addition to everything, the statue has a steel rod in it, from which a piece had been cut, ”says Kaarna-Suomi.

Kaarna-Suomi does not understand why such vandalism has been committed to public art.

“It was a really shocking sight. It is miserable that this is happening, even in such a central location, which is described by several surveillance cameras around the clock. ”

Kaarna-Suomi filed a criminal report with the Eastern Uusimaa police. The police are investigating the matter.

New steel mounting pins have now been made for the sculpture. The refurbished Fish Girl will be returned to the pool in late spring when the pool is refilled with water.

Kaarna-Suomi does not yet know how much the renovation work will cost.

“The price could well go up to thousands of euros,” he estimates.

Fish girl is part Merja Rankin and Outi Turpeisen Catchsculpture. The sculpture was completed in 2016 and has been in place since August of the same year. It also includes a bronze briefcase, a weeping and a hat, and five lighted fish.

The fish girl has not been subjected to actual vandalism in the past, but some of the townspeople are thoughtless about the sculpture.

The parents of some of the children have let their children walk there into the pool and hang on the sculpture’s fishing rod. The pool is waded even in summer, when it is filled with water.

“Not everyone will think that the work is not a play sculpture. I would like the parents to notice as well. Next to it is a library park with a newly renovated good playground, ”says Kaarna-Suomi.

Rocks have also been thrown into the pool, which will load maintenance when the pool pump breaks.

“Public art is meant to delight everyone. It is a pity that people do not always know how to think that way. In the end, the costs of maintenance will also fall on the residents. ”


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