HS Vantaa The popular outdoor hill will be closed to visitors in Vantaa – A fence costing 40,000 euros will be built around, because there is danger on the hill

“Korson Ylläs” is fenced because hikers might walk in front of heavy earthmoving machines.

Vantaa the city has started fencing Kulokukkula in Korso.

Korson Ylläs as well ” the well-known hill has been a popular outdoor and hiking destination, with great scenery opening from the top of a nearly 100-meter-high filling hill.

Local outdoor enthusiasts such as cyclists, runners and walkers have marveled at the construction of the fence on social media. The fence is now pulled into the middle of the walkways, and the fence prevents outdoor enthusiasts from moving around the area.

Admittedly, that is the purpose of the fence, as outdoor enthusiasts move around the area without permission.

Why fence properly built?

There are areas on Kulokukkä where work is done with heavy earthmoving machines, for example. Outdoor enthusiasts make the daily work of machine operators more difficult and are also in danger of falling under earthmoving machines.

City of Vantaa Maintenance Manager Jyrki Vättö says the ely center has been calling for fencing the area for a long time.

“The fence is related to the terms of the ely centre’s environmental permit,” says Vättö.

“It’s such an order that has come from other parties.”

According to Vätö, the fence will be about 2,300 meters long and will cost about 40,000 euros. The fence is made of similar materials as game fences.

Although there are areas on the hill where outdoor enthusiasts could hike in peace, the corresponding master builder of the city of Vantaa Tapio Kauppinen according to which the entire Kulokukkula area is considered a construction site.

Because of that, the whole hill must also be fenced. The fence is not ready yet.

“The fence will be completed this year, the schedule is up to many other things,” Kauppinen says.

He hopes the unfinished fence would not be judged yet.

Townspeople themselves would like to see a green area from Kulokukkula. That may be the case sometime in the future.

Maintenance Manager Vättö compares Kulokukkula to Helsinki’s Vuosaari Peak.

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“Even Vuosaari Peak was once a filling hill, where surplus mass was brought. Then it was strengthened with plantings so that the hill would not collapse, and now the area is in the use of the public, ”Vättö says.

“There has been the same development in Kulokukkula. I wonder if it will become a hill at some point in years to come. ”

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