HS Vantaa The family came up with a clever name for their company – that’s why the company gets into situations that are like straight from Fingerpor

This company has a strange name, Joo Joo Onnistuu Oy. In the background is a “flap throw” from a tire salesman called a hairdresser. Now the family business tells a fascinating background story of its name.

In Vantaa is a company called Joo Joo Onnistuu Oy.

Would the interview with the company name be successful, CEO Jarno Oksanen?

“Yeah, yes,” Oksanen says.

Jarno Oksanen owns the company together with his sister Janina Oksasen and his father Jouko Oksanen with. The siblings also work for their father’s company, which is called Kuljetus JJ Oksanen Oy.

“My father once put the first letters of his first names in the name of his own company, his full name is Jouko Juhani Oksanen. When I was born, the father thought of putting the same initials in the son’s name in case I ever wanted to go on to continue the business. Then there is no need to change the tapes on the cars, ”says Jarno Juhani Oksanen.

After the army, Jarno began working for his father’s company, which transports barracks to construction sites for office and social facilities, among other things.

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“At the end of 2017, the idea came to set up a company with my sister to install and dismantle the barracks transported by the father’s company when they are no longer needed,” says Jarno Oksanen.

For the new one the company needed a name. At this point in the story comes a man named Jan-Peter Krüger. He has been selling tires to the Oksaste family business for decades.

Krüger is known not only for its great sales skills, but also for its flip-throwing ability. He has several nicknames.

One of them is the “hair mask”.

Jan-Peter Krüger, or hairdresser, was on holiday in Kalkkis last summer.

When the family was brainstorming the name of the new company, Krüger’s peculiar way reminded them. The family’s credit seller twisted the company’s name in the form of Kuljetus JJ Oksanen yeah yeah Oksanenthen just intoxicated. The tires ordered by Oksaste under that name were also found in the warehouse.

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Everyone was excited about the idea that Krüger’s stumbling block would end up in the name of a new company. But just Yeah yeah did not seem to be enough for the name.

“It was then invented to put the word succeed in it, because that’s why we are always asked if a thing works and we always answer that yeah yeah, it works,” says Jarno Oksanen.

The branches are happy with the name, but it sometimes causes confusion.

“If the store asks which company the invoice is being sent to and I say Yeah Yeah Succeed, then there’s always the follow-up question that good, but what’s that name.”

Jan-Peter Krügerin it was also hard at first to believe that he would have to set up a new account with a company called Joo Joo Onnistuu Oy.

“I told Jarno’s father, Joke, don’t talk shit. But I was wrong, ”says Krüger.

Is Krüger himself aware of his reputation as a fun guy?

“I guess that flip is thrown every now and then, whatever. It all depends on the customer what anyone dares to say. It is not worth going to personalities. That is a clear thing. ”

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Testing. If a customer asks Krüger for cheap and good tires, what does he answer?

“Well, I could answer that you’re going to buy two sets then. First you buy them cheap and then you buy them good ones. ”

Can such good flaps sell those good tires to the customer?

“Well, it often succeeds. But then there are those customers who say that tires should get cheap even when the car is so old. To that I say that those tires cost us just as much for that old car as for that new one. ”

Has Krüger ever regretted anything he threw?

“I didn’t regret it, but once I got a note when I threw in a customer that the only good thing is a bottle. The client’s humor then couldn’t stand it. But I would never have said that if he hadn’t thrown really hard humor in that same situation. ”

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