HS Vantaa The conductor shook Tauno Partonen awake in a completely unfamiliar place – Readers tell how it feels when “Korso’s special” hits

Sometimes on a commuter train, sleep or thoughts distract. This is the story of “Korson’s Special”.

It hurts the.

The eyes close, the body relaxes. The head rests against the window and a quiet hum wakes the sleep.

In it, you may even poke past your home station on a commuter train unnoticed.

HS Vantaa found three stories about how easy it is to get past Korso station by accident.

Tauno Partoselle this injury occurred in his youth a few times.

One trip in particular came to mind vividly.

It was 1987 or 1988. Partonen lived on the eve of adulthood.

“That trip was these when we came home from a big village over the weekend,” Partonen recalls.

Tire struck in the middle of the trip. Next, the conductor of the train woke up in Riihimäki.

“There was no other option when you got off the train. There was no money for a taxi at the time, so we had to wait for the next train to Korso. ”

It was summer night, Partonen remembers it. The wait at Riihimäki station felt long, as the train on which Partonen had fallen asleep had been the last of the evening from Helsinki.

In the morning, Partonen grew tired of his home in Mikkola.

One or two a year later, in the summer of 1992, living in Leppäkorvi Marko Haikara visited a similar palm.

That evening, according to Haikara’s memoirs, the school graduation ceremony was celebrated in Helsinki on the shores of Hietaniemi, and Haikara had traveled home to Vantaa on the last train of the evening.

Of course, 18-year-old Stork fell asleep aboard. He only woke up in Riihimäki.

“I remember the clock was something after four,” Haikara says.

First the train back departed at half past six in the morning.

The stork bought a train ticket, and jumped aboard. Shortly before Korso, he was awake, but then sleep took the victory. The stork woke up at Malmi station.

“At Malmi, I had to wait for the train again and buy another ticket. I fell asleep on the train again. I only woke up in Savio, ”Haikara laughs now.

From Savio, the man walked a few miles to his home. He got to his own bed at 11 o’clock in the morning.

The case greatly entertains the Stork these days, although it was not appropriate to tell the mother about it immediately.

“I remember these with joy, and with longing. Now it makes sense and age is over. ”

Sometimes you can get past your own position even when you are awake.

This is what has happened to Corso To Elina Nuolivaara a few times in recent years.

“The most interesting thing was when I once started thinking that if I won the lottery,” Nuolivaara says.

In Nuolivaara’s dreams, thoughts of flats for himself and the children flashed. And then, with a sideways eye, he saw Korso’s position sweep past.

“I felt so stupid then.”

In total, Nuolivaara has unknowingly passed his home station three times.

“When it’s really peak years, tired after work and not thinking about getting off the train.”

Tell us what kind of situations you’ve been in for your thoughtlessness on public transportation. You can send your experience to hs.kaupunki@hs.fi

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