HS Vantaa The 12-year-old started using intravenous drugs because he couldn’t stand the evil he was experiencing – “In a way, I understood it quite completely,” says Hanna Malmström, who works with juvenile prisoners.

Most inmates under the age of 21 repeat the crime and return to the rock. Nevertheless, special director Hanna Malmström does not lose hope in their relationship but strives to draw attention to small successes. Such may be, for example, the young person’s absence from crime for a couple of years.

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Special instructor Hanna Malmström is responsible for prisoners under the age of 21 in Vantaa Prison. Malmström’s hand tattoo reads “have a little faith”. It relates to his work with young offenders.

Milka Rissanen HS

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Young had already been released from pre-trial detention. Now he was coming back.

The young person was the first to call a special instructor working in Vantaa Prison To Hanna Malmström and asked if this could come against the gate.

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