HS Vantaa Petri Ruokonen’s cottage is like a German fairy tale – It is located in an idyll hidden in Vantaa, where residents build how it hurts

In the summer village you can forget the scenery and racing equipment. There is an idyll in North Vantaa that few have heard of, but nothing is tip top there. How in the world was it born?

Helsinki-Vantaa Katriinantie leaves from the western edge of the airport. It leads towards the northernmost corner of Vantaa.

In the midst of birches and Icelandic ponies, a lilac “manki” moped licking the asphalt meets the road.

When you turn onto Kesäkyläntie, you will immediately be faced with horse droppings. Only a few letters of the birch sign appear in the loft.



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