HS Vantaa On the edge of the Helsinki metropolitan area, “Vispaan Pispala” glows, where the terrible level of prices per square meter is not yet reached – This is the truth about one of Finland’s most miserable suburbs

The Korso sub-region is anything but worthy of a bad reputation. The area is like Vantaa in miniature. Many may not know that it is also one of the largest and most comfortable detached house areas in Finland.

Northeast Korso, who fills Vantaa, seems to have a poor reputation nationwide.

At the outset, it is good to make it clear that Korso is not a gray precast concrete suburb. It is not full of abandoned, deserted, dilapidated houses.

Korso is not Kouvola in the Helsinki metropolitan area, nor is Kouvola in line with the stereotypes attached to it.



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