HS Vantaa Mikko Sorjolahti marches upstream in the middle of a pandemic and expands his 1950s-inspired restaurant chain – “I have a good itch about this”

Hamburger restaurant Mike’s Diner is expanding its operations to Helsinki. A third restaurant is planned for Hämeentie.

Many restaurants persevere in the shadow of the restrictions imposed by the corona epidemic, and they should not mind expanding their operations. Owner of Mike’s Diner restaurants Mikko “Nakki-Mikko” Sorjolahti has opted for a completely opposite strategy.

At the beginning of March, the Mike’s Diner chain opened a new restaurant in Tikkurila and now plans to open a third restaurant in Arabianranta. What the heck is Mikko Sorjolahti?

“Yes it does take the stomach, but I have a good itch for this.”

Negotiations for a new restaurant are in progress, but if everything goes as Sorjolahti plans, the first Mike’s Diner coming to Helsinki will open at Hämeentie 153.

In Vantaa Decorated in a 1950s style, Mike’s Dinner restaurants have been well received. The first restaurant opened in Myyrmäki in 2015 won the title of the best new restaurant in the Helsinki metropolitan area in 2016 in a reader poll organized by Etelä-Suomen Media.

Tikkurila’s restaurant was only normally open for a week before the interest rate restrictions came into force and the restaurant had to close. Now the restaurant only sells products. According to Sorjolahti, however, the start was promising.

“We got a very good reception in the first week.”

Sorjolahti there are plans for the Arabianranta restaurant to open its doors on March 1, 2022.

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