HS Vantaa Masoud Azhdari from Corso woke up to the sound of his car’s burglar alarm three times in the middle of the night – The reason was revealed by a free passenger

Masoud Azhdari from Vantaa had time to fear that car thieves had come to take his car. Several times in the middle of the night, a free passenger who came from Luukki in Espoo was revealed to be the trigger of a burglar alarm.

Vantaa resident Masoud Azhdari experienced a sleepless night at home in Korso earlier this week.

The day before, Azhdari had had a picnic in the Luukki area of ​​Espoo. After a long day of outdoor activities, he returned home to Korso and went to sleep. At that point, he could not yet guess that the night’s sleep would be short.

In the middle at night, Azhdari awoke to the loud sound that came from the parking lot of his backyard.

“I noticed that my car alarm was activated and muttered loudly. Even the child woke up because the parking lot is under his window. ”

Azhdari says Korso’s Facebook group has had previous sightings of car thieves moving around the area.

“The first thought was whether it was the same to me.”

Azhdari hurried barefoot out into the parking lot with his bare feet.

“I looked around and didn’t see anyone. I locked the car doors with the remote control and went back to sleep. ”

About after ten minutes the alarm will sound again.

“I came back out, but this time I went a little further out of the parking lot to see if anyone could be seen running away.”

Not a living soul.

Azhdari went back inside, but no longer went back to sleep.

Soon the alarm sounds for the third time.

“Now I was prepared. I took the car keys and immediately ran out. “

Azhdari looked around.

Not a soul.

Azhdari went to take a closer look at his car. As he opened the car door, a small white butterfly flew out

“It was such a small butterfly. Just a little bigger than a fly. How is that device so sensitive? ” Azhdari says with a laugh.

The butterfly’s attachment in the car had triggered the motion sensor inside Azhdar’s car.

“I thought, Lord God, I have this kind of quality in this car. A really sensitive device. On the other hand, it is good that the car has a sensitive burglar alarm. ”

Small When the free passenger who came in through the hatch left, the alarm did not sound again.

“I had to go to work the next morning. The situation laughed a lot afterwards, even though I was really tired the next day. ”

“It was a little embarrassing that I didn’t immediately notice that butterfly – Lord God!”

No such thing has happened to Azhdar before.

“I was a little embarrassed why I didn’t immediately realize this. On the other hand, this was a fun situation afterwards.

“It was a little embarrassing that I didn’t immediately notice that butterfly – Lord God!”

Lexus Mining workshop manager Olli Koivuranta, can a butterfly trigger a car burglar alarm?

“Yes. The car has such a microwave indoor radar. It is possible that an insect in the car will cause the microwave to vibrate in a way that activates the alarm. ”

Have you been aware of similar cases in the past?

“Has come. Even an indoor heater is enough to cause thermal vibration and activate the microwave indoor radar. If the alarm is activated for no other reason, the most likely cause is the start of the interior heater and the resulting thermal vibration inside the car. ”

And can a butterfly also cause this ripple?

“Technically, it’s entirely possible that such a larger butterfly would be enough to trigger an alarm.”

“It can be very difficult to simulate a situation. You can test the sensitivity of the alarm by staying in the car, putting the alarm on and moving inside the car. I activated the alarm very easily, as it certainly should. ”

“Often this has not been met, but a few times a year this happens.”

Have they been butterflies even then?

“In principle, for example, a fly spinning inside a car can cause so much vibration that an alarm is triggered. However, the alarm should not be one of the smallest sparrows. ”

“Clearly, certain types of insect flight paths in a car can trigger an alarm. I do not know the exact mechanism of this. The topic is kind of academically interesting. ”

How can I prevent the alarm from starting?

“We are instructed to turn off the alarm. The indoor radar can be switched off at the switch on the roof panel. ”

They are therefore sensitive devices.

“They are, and in a way for good reason, because the indoor radar is the last resort to activate an alarm if someone manages to get inside the car.”

So this is something to keep in mind if you leave your dog or children in the car park for a while.

“Yes, the owner’s manual says that if pets or people are left in the car and the doors are to be locked, the interior alarm should be turned off. These instructions may not always reach people when the opuses are thick. ”



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