HS Vantaa | Hundreds of viewers were left licking their fingers at Käärijä’s free concert – The space ran out

There were about 7,000 spectators at Käärijä’s gig in Jokiuomanpuisto in Vantaa. At least hundreds of people were left out of the event.

Wrapper about 7,000 spectators watched the concert on Sunday in Louhela Jamei in Vantaa, says the executive director of the Vantaa live music association Velmu ry, which organized the event on Monday Tommi Ouvinen.

According to Ouvinen, no more spectators could be taken to the performance venue, Jokiuomanpuisto. Space ran out.

Ouvinen said that there was a lot of queue outside the festival area. At least hundreds of people were left out of the event, Ouvinen estimates.

“Many families with children could miss the event when we told them in advance that the gig could be crowded. All in all, I would estimate that thousands more people would have come to the event if there had been more space,” Ouvinen estimates.

Out of doors said Louhela that Jamie’s arrangements went well.

“The number of organizers was great enough. There were no toilet queues. There were seven first aid cases at the event, they were band-aid jobs”, Ouvinen summed up.

Louhela Jam has been organized since 1992. According to Ouvinen, this year was the first time that not all spectators could fit in the event area. So it was an audience record.

Is Louhela Jam planning to move to a larger area in the future?

“There would also be another court in Jokiuomanpuisto. I don’t know if the field would attract more spectators than the current field. Let’s see what next year’s Eurovision will bring,” Ouvinen replies.

The city of Vantaa paid Käärijä’s performance fee with Louhela Jamei, Velmu was responsible for the fees of other performers.

“When the city of Vantaa was unable to organize a folk festival for Käärijä, the city asked if Louhela Jam could take Käärijä as a performer.”

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