HS Vantaa Hookahs have been lit in the evenings next to the popular beach – there were concerns in Some as to whether such activities were even allowed.

On the shores of Lake Kuusijärvi, you can smell sweet smoke and hear the hookah of Porina on summer evenings. The Facebook conversation made Vantaa residents wonder if hookah burning is disturbing and if it can be addressed.

Vantaa last week, there was a heated discussion about hookah burning in Kuusijärvi on Facebook.

In the evening, groups visit the beach, burning a hookah while cooking.

A hookah is a smoking device that burns either tobacco products or tobacco substitutes. Many different names are used for the hookah from the Mediterranean and Middle East regions, such as shisha and Hookah.

It, with its water tanks and suction hoses, is often a large closet that is used interchangeably.

Some are distracted by dusting. He has also written on the subject in the past Vantaa Sanomat.

But is smoking a hookah on the beach allowed? Does a hookah equate to tobacco? What harm does hookah smoke do to the people around it?

In Kuusijärvi is a full Friday afternoon. The watchdog’s laser-tight gaze follows the pickicers accustomedly. People shimmering in the sun lounging behind the sandy beach on the grass close together. There are a lot of children.

None of the hookahs that spoke on the bush radio can be seen on Vantaa’s most popular beach at this time.

Cafe Kuusijärvi restaurant manager Rea Hakala is aware of the Facebook noise, but doesn’t see hookahs as very problematic.

“It doesn’t show us, and I haven’t come across the hookah burning myself. Mostly that group has been there on the bush radio, ”he notes.

Swimmers, meanwhile, say the hookah is less likely to be seen on the beach during the day, but from six onwards, smokers are starting to appear.

For the third summer working in Kuusijärvi Alexander Berestenin according to the hookah is burned slightly from the shore area, near the forest and on the opposite shore.

“Yes, we have received complaints about it. Often they are families with children, who will talk about it, ”says Beresten.

Hookah can be equated with smoking. The burning charcoal placed at the top of the barrel makes it harmful to health, even if the substance itself is just a tobacco-free flavored herbal mixture.

The barrel is often burned for long periods at a time, with a greater amount of inhaled smoke than in regular tobacco. Passive smoke inhalation is also a problem with hookah burning.

Under the current Tobacco Act, smoking on beaches cannot be banned, but strong recommendations apply in many places. This is also the case in Kuusijärvi.

The beach managed by the city of Vantaa has its own smoking area next to the basketball court. It’s about one bench next to a sand trail. However, no one controls its use and signs are rare.

There is a separate smoking area on the shores of Lake Kuusijärvi. A tobacco-like hookah should only be smoked there.

Vantaa sports director Veli-Matti Kallislahti According to the information, hookah burning in Kuusijärvi is generally not perceived as a problem.

“We’ve had to call around a bit as a hoax, which is what. According to the swim control supervisors, hookah burning has not been detected on a scale that would be a real problem, ”Kallislahti sums up.

A recent proposal from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health proposes an amendment to the Tobacco Act that would allow smoking and similar activities to be banned on public beaches and playgrounds.

If the bill goes through, it will come into force early next year. Prior to that, incineration that disturbed public order could, in principle, be addressed under the Public Order Act.

According to Kallislahti, this would in practice mean calling the police, as there are no law enforcement officers in Kuusijärvi. However, the disruption should be significant so that calling the police is seen as a viable option.

“I believe that social pressure and general good manners will, as a rule, lead to a good situation.”

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