HS Vantaa Familiar from legendary gas stations, a rare gaming machine went on sale in Vantaa – the story of a device in “authentic condition” dates back to the turn of the 1980s and 1990s

Juha-Matti Ojala, who sells the game, knows the entire history of the game machine. He has played it as a teenager with a friend. Since then, the machine has been alternately owned by both.

In Vantaa to be auctioned a rare gaming machine whose story begins at the turn of the 1980s and 1990s, Riihimäki’s legendary break from Caravan.

This is a hockey-themed Wayne Gretzky -3D slot machine.

The game is sold by Pari-Materia Oy, whose CEO Juha-Matti in Ojala is a very personal relationship in the game.

“We played it my friend Petri Härkönen with high school students in the caravan. We carried all the money we got there. ”

At that time, playing cost one mark.

The decades old game still works flawlessly.

The game is named after Canadian hockey player Wayne Gretzky.

Caravan after the crash in the early 2000s, the gaming machine moved to another resting place, the City Wind in Janakkala. From there, Ojala’s friend Härkönen bought it in a sports bar in Riihimäki, where it ended up in Ojala a few years ago.

Although there are good memories associated with batting, it is unnecessary for Ojala today. No more playing with the energy of a teenager.

The sales announcement of the gaming machine describes that the machine is in “authentic condition”.

“I’ve tried it so much that I know it still works,” Ojala says.

He thinks the game might be worth it for the collector. On Thursday afternoon, the price was 710 euros. Ojala estimates that the price could rise to many thousands of euros.

Euro coins go into the machine, but the buyer does not have to embed more euros in the machine: the gaming machine can be adjusted so that it works without coins.

Juha-Matti Ojala has played the game as a high school student. That’s when the gaming machine worked with marks.

Machine is retro, expensive and quite large: 186 centimeters high and 106 centimeters deep.

But is the game itself good?

“It’s an extremely good game!”

The game also has one interesting detail: it shows statistics on the best players through time, and the nickname PMH is at the top of the list. According to Ojala, it was once the nickname of Petri Härkönen.

It seems that no one has ever been able to break the record set by Härkönen in the early 1990s.

The story was completed on November 25th. at 5.40 pm: added information about Petri Härkönen’s record.

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